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Super Bike from Ferrari (concept)

Hey duys this a Concept Super Bike from Ferrari. look its marvelous design. Its design is made by an Israeli designer named Amir Glinik. 

It is powered by a V-12 engine with four cylinders and designed to support the rear wheel only. It has a touch screen on the top of its fuel tank that can display Speed, RPM, Fuel level and Gear status. It has also features like diagnostic tool to figure out any mechanical problems, control the anti-theft device, access radio and GPS, monitor all internal liquids and temperatures and even, somehow, calculate the bike's weight.

Digital Sixth Sense Device

This device can be weared like a wrist watch and it can do tremendous things. This small thing has some extra ordinary functionalities.
The Functions of this device are:
  • Use hand gestures to send E-mails.
  • Built-in Mobile Phone.
  • Built-in small projector that can make any surface to behave like a touch screen. (thats really great)
  • It can detect Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID)
This device is made by an Indian guy Pranav Mistry who is a MIT based reasearcher.
The price of this gadget is set to $350

Samsung i7410 Projector Phone

Can't beleive on your eyes what you have read in the Title.

Yes its true. Samsung is about to launch its first ever projector mobile phone "i7410".

This cell phone is capable of supporting 16 GB of memory card, TFT touch screen, 5 mega pixels camera and a projector which can display images os 5" inches to 50 " inches.

The worst thing in this cell phone is that it has no Wireless LAN (WLAN) connectivity. I think that WLAN is the most demanding technology of this time.

The mobile has a sleek and beautiful design. Now this time samsung got all the points of innovation. This gadget will be of very use in corporate sector. but GOD knows when it will be launching in Pakistan. Hope for the best.

Roxio Video Capture USB

Hello guys, a very new and unique idea by the Roxio company. A new breakthrough in the digital technology. Roxio has recently launched a device that can store your videos in digital format like DVD via USB drive and now you are on the go and can easily convert your videos to DVD.
We can convert our videos from VHS tapes, Hi8 and V8 tapes.
Yahoo, its true people. see the image.
It has the following system requirements.

Windows Vista or XP with minimum 1 GHZ processor and 512 MB RAM.
1024 x 768 pixels with direct X 9 support.

Latest Intel I7 Processor

Hey guys, how are you? do you know the latest technological advancement by intel?

Intel has launched its latest processor with the name of "Intel® Core™ i7 Processor".

This processor has 2.93 or 2.66 GHZ core speed proceesor and it has 8 processing threads with intel Hyper Threading technology. also known as HT technology.

It has 8 MB of cache memory. yes, its really fast.

New technology of RAM has been launched named DDR3 with 1033 MHz speed.

I think it will rock the gaming experience.

The best desktop processor on the planet.

Worst Digital Camera buying mistakes

First of all i will tell you the mistakes that you should not do while buying a new digital camera.
  • The first mistake is buying the digital camera without using it first. first of all you should visit any local camera dealer and check the camera and use it. take some snaps and then you will know about its result and functionality. see how it feels in your hand.

  • Don't go for the highest price you can afford. if you are a beginner level photographer then u don't need a 12 mega pixel camera. there will be no need of that functions and features that u cannot understand or operate. try to find the camera that fits your need.

  • Most of the people focus on the mega pixels. mega pixels are not only responsible for taking good snaps. higher mega pixels are only required by the professionals. normal photographer must have a 5 or 6 mega pixel. Higher mega pixels means larger image sizes, which in turn means more expensive memory cards and more space on your computer's hard drive.

  • Don't go for the digital zoom. its useless . only go for the higher number of optical zoom. normally, digital camera's come with 3x or 4x optical zoom. In digital zoom, picture get blurred and noisy. but in optical zoom picture remains as same as un-zoomed.

  • There are lot of features in digital cameras. list down only those features that you want and then go in the market and select the cameras with those features.