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Worst Digital Camera buying mistakes

First of all i will tell you the mistakes that you should not do while buying a new digital camera.
  • The first mistake is buying the digital camera without using it first. first of all you should visit any local camera dealer and check the camera and use it. take some snaps and then you will know about its result and functionality. see how it feels in your hand.

  • Don't go for the highest price you can afford. if you are a beginner level photographer then u don't need a 12 mega pixel camera. there will be no need of that functions and features that u cannot understand or operate. try to find the camera that fits your need.

  • Most of the people focus on the mega pixels. mega pixels are not only responsible for taking good snaps. higher mega pixels are only required by the professionals. normal photographer must have a 5 or 6 mega pixel. Higher mega pixels means larger image sizes, which in turn means more expensive memory cards and more space on your computer's hard drive.

  • Don't go for the digital zoom. its useless . only go for the higher number of optical zoom. normally, digital camera's come with 3x or 4x optical zoom. In digital zoom, picture get blurred and noisy. but in optical zoom picture remains as same as un-zoomed.

  • There are lot of features in digital cameras. list down only those features that you want and then go in the market and select the cameras with those features.

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