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Plasma Vs. LCD

Whats the difference ?

Plasma screens, as its name suggests, uses a matrix of tiny gas plasma cells charged by precise electrical voltages to create a picture. LCD screens (liquid crystal display) are in layman's terms sandwiches made up of liquid crystal pushed in the space between two glass plates.

Picture Quality Comparison

Both plasma and LCD produces the good picture quality. the main difference is the production of black color and its intensity or depth. it is called contrast ratio. Plasma has a contrast ratio better then LCD's only bigger than 50" inch screen sizes. Less than 50" inches, we will go for the LCD.

Advantages of Plasma

Apart from better contrast due to its ability to show deeper blacks, plasma screens typically have better viewing angles than LCD. Plasmas can also produce a brighter colour, once again due to light leakage on an LCD affecting its colour saturation. 

Advantages of LCD

LCDs tend to have higher native resolution than plasmas of similar size, which means more pixels on a screen. LCD pundits point to the belief that LCDs have a longer lifespan than plasma screens. You might have also heard that plasmas suffer from screen burn in, an affliction not commonly associated with LCDs. Screen burn in occurs when an image is left too long on a screen, resulting in a ghost of that image "burned in".

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