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Amazon's Latest E-Book Reader: Kindle DX

Amazon has launched on Wednesday its latest E-Book reader Kindle DX. This is the third edition in the E-book series and its size is more than Kindle2. Its trendy technology is Smaller, Faster and Cheaper with 9.7 inch display. The big screens makes sense because it can support books as well as newspapers. this is surely going to revolutionize the textbook market. new trend is coming to read the text on digital devices. paper will be vanished from the world soon. Its good for the world so that we can save trees for our next generations. 

The main problems in this Kindle DX is that its price is high 550 USD and its screen is grayscale. It should be colored. Another problem is that it does not offer EPUB, the Open eBook Standard format established in 2008 by the International Digital Publishing Forum.

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