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Latest Aulis Harvester

This is the latest harvester machine build by Niko Kuglar and george. The main goal of developing this machine is to treat the sustainable forest floor as well as the forest itself. Additionally, it can optimize the work process of the users.

They said that " The purpose of our creation is the sustainable treatment of the forest ground and the wood, as well as the optimization of the work sequences of the user. The base of our concept is the analysis of the work flow of the service provider with the harvester, as well as the analysis of the work flow of the farmer with the forest tractor."

Redesigned Urine Collection Bag

Latest technology thriving in medical industry, a unique urine collection bag is designed by a korean designer, Hansol Paeng. With the help of this a person can easily take the readings of a urine bag. The design is made to make the patient totally comfortable.

Plasma Vs. LCD

Whats the difference ?

Plasma screens, as its name suggests, uses a matrix of tiny gas plasma cells charged by precise electrical voltages to create a picture. LCD screens (liquid crystal display) are in layman's terms sandwiches made up of liquid crystal pushed in the space between two glass plates.

Picture Quality Comparison

Both plasma and LCD produces the good picture quality. the main difference is the production of black color and its intensity or depth. it is called contrast ratio. Plasma has a contrast ratio better then LCD's only bigger than 50" inch screen sizes. Less than 50" inches, we will go for the LCD.

Advantages of Plasma

Apart from better contrast due to its ability to show deeper blacks, plasma screens typically have better viewing angles than LCD. Plasmas can also produce a brighter colour, once again due to light leakage on an LCD affecting its colour saturation. 

Advantages of LCD

LCDs tend to have higher native resolution than plasmas of similar size, which means more pixels on a screen. LCD pundits point to the belief that LCDs have a longer lifespan than plasma screens. You might have also heard that plasmas suffer from screen burn in, an affliction not commonly associated with LCDs. Screen burn in occurs when an image is left too long on a screen, resulting in a ghost of that image "burned in".

Latest technology Wireless Electricity

See this gadget, there is no wire included in this mechanism. you have to just put your cell phone on this gadget and it will charge your mobile phone automatically.
Yes its true and real. The adapter chip inside the handheld device will, when placed on a base station, receive a very small electrical signal and message from the base controller chip that will power up the adapter chip. The base controller chip will sense for polarity. If there is none (say you place your hand on the base) then it does nothing.

Apparently, these bases are for more than just mobile devices. Properly-equipped televisions, lamps and more could be powered by the bases.

Mp3 Player Shrek Design

Hello buddies, Technology has a new shape now. (Lolz) See this new mp3 player from the OGRE family. This shrek design is made by Sang Hoon Lee, a South Korean designer.

This gadget comes with a couple of chic headphones which are designed to simply roll back in its stylish body. So please dont hate this peace loving weird character now.
Hats off to Shrek.

Futuristic Honda Zeppelin Concept

Myung Jin Jung, who is studying in car design course of Hongik University, has designed the Honda Zeppelin, a luxurious futuristic sedan car as his final year thesis. As the name suggests, this splendid car was partially inspired by airships.

The 2030 Honda’s luxury sports sedan, Zeppelin Concept, was designed with a design direction of “High-tech Dynamic”, inspired from an airship.

That front row seat can rotate 360 degrees and so when the car is not moving, the front row seat and the back row seat can face each other.

Protector Three Wheeled Motorcycle

Tryi Yeh is a specially designed motorcycle for woman and a child with a smooth surface. This superb looking motorcycle will reduce the possibility of dangerous hit and the length is reduced with its stretch advanced seat.
The latest three wheel design of this motorcycle is more steady and nimble than conventional two wheel motorcycles.