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SMS and Email Text Pen D:Scribe

Formerly, we write some thing on paper then we fax or mail that paper to some one else. That was the old style. Now latest innovation has made it possible to write what ever you want and send it directly to some one's email or mobile phone via Text Message. The design of this pen has been made by Reuben Png. This pen has another cool feature. It has builtin memory in it. So if you want to retrieve your content later then it will save it for you. It has OLED screen on it which shows the message status.

Latest Innovation Dynamo Keyboard

This is a good news to know that someone is really thinking hard to use energy resources other than electricity. This keyboard is environment friendly and generates the electricity with the help of kinetic energy while you type on it. This concept can really make other people think to use and utilize other energy resources because the planet earth is going to face energy crisis in coming years. It has a price of almost 60 Pounds. Some salient features are discussed below.

  • Size: 45 x 16 x 2cm
  • Requires a USB port
  • Suitable for green fingers
  • Do not use if you are more than 6ft 2″ or are lactose intolerant
  • Conforms to all the standard standards
  • Made from sustainable plastic
  • The keyboard is QWERTY
  • No need for mains power as the kinetic energy is converted to electricity, saving your energy bills
  • As you type, the kinetic energy generated powers your PC
  • Power your PC as you type with the Dynamo Green Keyboard

iBasket Washing Machine

This is a concept of the new washing machine. This machine reduces the consumers tension and starts automatically when it is full of dirty clothes. It has very nice fragrances in it which can make your dirty and smelly clothes make fresh and clean. This machine can be connected to a computer or home network so when it finishes the cleaning, it will make you aware of it. But in my point of view this washing machine is not so much worthy to be launched. It doestnt have extraordinay features to get the consumers attention. To make it a successful product feature like self picking of clothes should be added. Then it will make it worth.

"B-Membrane" Hybrid Computer

By looking at the picture you people will say "what is this" and some will say"Its a UFO". But its a hybrid computer which has all the things builtin it. A projector which works as the monitor display. A virtual keyboard automatically gets visible when computer is powered on. A korean designer Won-Seok Lee has designed it. It has an integrated optical drive. The most exciting thing is that if the computer is not in use then we can make it to omit cool ambient lights of your desire and we can put it on table a s decoration piece.

Highest Mega Pixel Camera 160

Hey ever heard of the digital camera more than 12.1 Mega Pixel's? Now latest technology has made it possible to get the snaps at 160 Mega Pixels. This camera has ISO ranging from 500 to 10,000 and it can take snaps at the shutter speed of 1/20,000th of a second. The camera manufacturer is the company Seitz. Imagine what quality of the snap it would take. The virtual size of the snap will be 1 GB approximately per snap. Now here comes the storage problem. 1 Gb is a lot more space for a single snap.

Beautiful Flame is Coming from Your Fireplace

Searching for luxury flame ? Radius Design offers its new collection : Home Flame Collection. This fireplace offers combustion chamber made of double-skin stainless steel, with a special ceramic sponge in the middle. This technology makes sure that each combustion creates a beautiful flame down to the very last drop of bio-ethanol. Michael Rosing, the designer, has developed several design to make you free to choose where to place the fireplace (wall, floor, or table-top mounting).
Some fact of this combustion chambers :
- Small fuel consumption (approx. 500 ml per 1 hr.)
- Even Fleming formation, also with low level
- Are enough burning duration (2.5 litres capacity)
- Small heat development of the combustion chamber
- Ignition ability also with lowest level

Egg Mobile Phone Design is Great for Youngsters and Elderly People

With the cell phone companies vying up to attract new customers, on these lines comes what the designer call as the egg phone. The instrument is shaped in elliptical shape and looks more like an egg. It is a touch screen device with all the regular features like MP3 player, camera etc which all have been synonymous with all high end phones these days. A USB port is available for charging or transferring data. It is available in attractive colors and will surely grasp the attention of all the youngsters, well not just youngsters, even elderly people might love this cell phone because of its big numbers, easy for the eyes. Now, one can say that this is one egg that you really can’t eat!

Help Lock with A Timer to Unlock The Door

Bathroom accidents are getting a common issue every year with several cases resulting even in death because of being exposed too late. This concept Help Lock will be beneficial for not only the aged or people who are living alone, but also the usual home owners.

An alarm and a timer are the key elements that have been used to solve this problem. The timer sets automatically whenever a person locks the door and it will remind the user to cancel the alarm once the set time has passed. If there is no answer after 30 seconds, the lock will unlock the door, sound the alarm and dial an emergency number that was programmed earlier.

Dry Blizzard Champagne Case

This new revolutionary concept, designed by French designer Thomas Lemaire, called “Dry Blizzard” is the champagne case which is more or less a new technical approach for the high end champagne. The concept helps to keep the champagne chilled but without ice!

It is done with a pool of dry ice at the bottom of the device which creates the cold effect thereby ensuring that the champagne is at desired temperature. The device has a battery and a small system that creates a current of cold air around the bottle. Also since it is in a case, the contact with the hot hand is avoided. So feel free and enjoy the sip of your chilled champagne!

Nintendo Wii in 2010

The Nintendo Wii have revolutionized the way we know gaming but now it seems they are taking the same to the next level. After story about xbox 360 phone, now how about a mind-controlled game that Nintendo is proposing? T3 gives a little clue that all you have is a headset accessory that uses brainwaves to control characters and features immersing in-ear headphones. So just imagine a streamlined Wii emote with just one button, which you point and press and rest your brain takes over. Though brain-wave technology has already become a reality with Emotive pioneering in-game systems, but soon it seems Nintendo will come out with the first mind-controlled console on the market.

Honda Robotic Walking Rehab

During the design of ASIMO, this technologies can be used to assist user to walk with electric motors. It is an interesting idea, because a lot of people will definitely can feel the advantage of this robotic walking rehab. Honda did not mention any commercialization plans, let’s just wait and see ….

Futuristic eMX Car Concept by RSM Design

Renault Samsung Motors (RSM) has exposed their futuristic eMX car concept. eMX stands for eco Motoring eXperience, which is based on the platform of Renault M├ęgane and is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine along with some other solutions to improve the fuel efficiency.

The main feature of the design includes detailed soft curves and graphics which is inspired by the nature and are intended at expressing an eco-friendly sense and cutting-edge technology.

The organic and smooth curves of this concept car explores a new design technology that may adopt the company’s other small cars in future.

Microsoft Touchscreen Surface is Coming

Rumors says Microsoft Surface is coming to AT&T store (New York City, Atlanta, San Antonio or San Francisco) this month. Let me remind you again about this Microsoft Surface, this is basically a table-size computer with 30inch touchscreen where you can interact with the computer through your fingers, such as arrange your pictures, download pictures from phones and put on top of it, draw with your fingers. Awesome, but let’s hear your thought after you actually see and play with them. Waiting for you guys now

The Chameleon Truck Concept for Cargo Transport

This amazing Truck is Designed by Haishan Deng, The Chameleon is an innovative concept truck that has segmented body which enable the truck to adjust its size to fit the container. The resilient soft tarpaulin shelled body is strong enough to protect its cargo but also absorbs impacts in case of accidents. As an added benefit fuel savings abound since the trucks weight is slashed in half.

Recyclable Tempo External Hard Drive Concept by Cagnina Design

What does it come to mind when one thinks of an external hard drive, the shape and size that comes to mind is the ugly square boxes with cables and other connecting device. Enter innovation in the form of the new external hard drive concept by Kansas based Argentine Industrial designer Franco Marino Cagnina is cool and funky to say the least.

One would be mistaken for it to be a tumbler, but this designer has really carved out the extra ordinary out of the ordinary design and the other encouraging advantage is that it’s recyclable thus environment friendly. So the next time one finds a need to carry data, just take a glassful of it!

Capsule Style MP3 Players for Apple iPod

Will this capsule style be our next iPod MP3 players ? Who knows, but take a look at this concept mp3 players, it’s pretty tiny, people with big fingers might not like it. There’s just one button on it called ‘Home’ where users can use touch it and browse the same way as iPhone.

Once this capsule is docked to the mini speaker cradle, data in the iPod capsule can be sent and received from the cradle at the same time. Moreover the speaker cradle has function as iPod docking speakers and charger as well. Do you think small gadget can be “the next big thing”?

Futuristic Round Car Concept

Hey guys Do you want to go round and round and round? Have you ever thought of riding a round vehicle even in your wild dreams?Not yet then must Check out this new concept of round shaped vehicle. You can easily fit yourself inside this vehicle and start riding it. This vehicle is surely going to give an amazing experience to anyone who will try it on roads. Its design is very unique and modern. This one-seater vehicle is going to revolutionize the present vehicle world. Without taking much space on roads, it will definitely prove to be a beneficial concept.

BMW ZX-6 Futuristic Car Concept

BMW ZX-6 car concept came from the 3rd year students of Transportation Design School at Turin Based IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) for final project of Transportation Design (Designing the BMW of 2015) which is designed in partnership with BMW. The concept is focused keeping in mind the modern needs, tastes and life style of an individual.

All the cars designed in this project looks like toy cars. You cannot even imagine them running on roads in the real life. There are different concepts of cars designed by the students and all of them are unbelievable in their design and concept. Check out the one that steals our attention, BMW ZX-6 car concept.

Smart and Intelligent Medicine Storage

Hey guys, Did you forget to take your medicines on time? Dont worry now, Latest technology and innovation has made it possible to remind you of yout medicines right on time. This gadget is very smart and will alert you to take your medicine. If somehow you didnt get the medicine then it will sent an automatic text message to your cell phone and will remind you.

It has a name Capshell. It has a memory chip which records that how many time you have opened it. the person will refill it by himself everytime he uses the medicine. After one week the pharmacist will view all the logs and can see at what time you have taken the medicine and how many times you missed to take. 

Latest Street Cleaner Concept

This is a concept of street cleaner by Alan. this street cleaner has cleaning brushes on the front of the vehicle. A single seated compartment has a steering and other operating controls in it. The back side of the vehicle is used to store the garbage. This vehicle has side mirrors so that the driver can see the coming vehicles from the back side.